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Vandana & Deep
24 February 2018
It was destined that I meet my favourite destination (his heart) through Thanks to as it played a very important role in finding my soulmate... When you find the right person and when it is right time things just happen in a flow and you don't realize... Same was with us,we never realized when from strangers we became friends and then soulmates!! Our parents found each other via, spoke to each other's families, interviewed me and him just like a typical arrange marriage...all this just happened over phone in October 2017., while the real interview was planned on 10th december 2017... Between this short stint,we spoke over phone and became friends already... The big day of interview came!! We attended the interview at coffee culture restaurant in surat and post interview I was surprised to receive my favourite( chocolate s) as a gift from him in front of the entire panel of interviewers... That was just the beginning,up until now I have received countless surprises from my love and each time it proves how much he loves me!! He had told a "yes" just an hour after the meet whereas I was still unsure and waited until 16th december before we broke the news to him and his family...during this period, the motivation,care and friendship I received from him was commendable which helped me decide easily... Then our journey from a "yes" to "engagement" started off..each day I got to know him, it made me realize that he was indeed the one i was looking for, made me even more confident and helped me love myself even more.. He is a person who values family a lot... Not only his but mine as well since both the families are ours now... Nothing matters to him more than those who mean a lot to him and I am happy I am one among them! We discussed everything under the earth over the phone calls, chit chatting for hours together and nothing would bore us.. Not even the silence that would there if none of us had any topic to discuss... As he stays in delhi and me in chennai, we had never met again after 10th december until our engagement.. Though we missed seeing each other, being with each other, spending time together, the wait was worth it!! My first Valentine's week of my life was just unforgettable with surprises awaiting each day.. Finally our eyes met again on the day of engagement 17th February 2018 and it seemed like the best thing that happened to me..spent really a quality time with him for the 2 days he was there with me post which we again landed up over phone calls and keep missing one another... Just waiting to be his on 18th april 2018!! A summary of what his Love is to me is mentioned in the below stanzas.... Happy that I am Bubbly that I am I do know how to have fun Wherever I go Hard that I work Harder that I play I have lived my life Happily till today Never did I know That I always yearned for more Till the day that I met you Until the day I loved you The past now seems blank The future more bright How did this happen That I cannot think beyond you Forever have I heard That people say Everyone has but one destiny Now I know what that is When it is right in front of me Hear me now Hear me clear I have given my heart I will give you my love Just promise me That you will stay just like this Forever and ever....