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Treassa & Sumeet
26 January 2011
Firstly, A very BIG thank you to for bringing us together! May 2010 - Sumeet was introduced to Tina via A twenty minute phone call summarised their initial interaction. A connection was made, a connection that was the beginning of a romance. July 2010 - Romance blossomed, expressed via thousands of emails and numerous phone calls. With their minds subconsciously made up, there was only one thing standing between them and the final decision - a face to face encounter. August 2010 - The 12th day of August; location, Singapore. This marks the day that Tina & Sumeet met in person, for the first time. They spent a day at Sentosa Island discussing how fate had brought them together, how their romance was real, and the idea of the rest of their lives together. The 14th day of August. Tina & Sumeet confirmed with their parents that they wished to be married. With their parents' blessings they began preparing for the day that would signify an unequivocal promise to each other. A promise to spend the rest of their lives together, as two parts of one whole. "True Love Can Only Grow Stronger" - Tina & Sumeet