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Roma & Rahul
31 January 2011
Roma & Rahul Gupta(15 December,2010) Dear Team, Its a New Year, a time to celebrate LIFE with friends & family around us, a time to leave behind the past & look ahead. A time to wish each one the best for the months & year ahead. So, what better time than NOW to write in and say "THANK YOU DEAR SHAADI TEAM" from both of us. Every time I read success stories on shaadi I wondered if ever I would have my day, so finally here I am today as I write this along with Rahul. Before we go any further we both thought of sharing with you (and other members of the site) some details of how we met, till today... Its really hard to pen down so many memories & wonderful moments in one go.. We met each other on 2-July-10. After getting to know one another via emails, we realised that we had so much in common... it took us no time at all to become BEST FRIENDS.... Rahul was in Mumbai & Roma in Pune. We both believe that any relationship needs HONESTY, DEDICATION and TRUST: qualities which we had found in one another. In Pune we met with Rahul's mother and felt that we were made for each other. Then came the family part and we decided to go the traditional way. My parents also met and they readily agreed . After that, we decided to get engaged, and so we got engaged on 21st August 2010. We got married on 15th December 2010. It was only because of that I was able to meet him. Me and Rahul, both wish to thank the team for helping us in meeting each other. We wish a very big success to the team. I have already recommended the website to all my friends and would recommend it to many more. You guys are doing a great job and I wish that you continue to do so. Once again thanks a lot from both of us for helping us in changing our lives. Thanks a lot for making our dream come true & for bringing us together. Roma & Rahul Gupta